Gift Ideas

Don't know what to bring? Get a bike!


The Ball is intended to generate toys and quality gifts for underprivileged children around Central Florida. Each person is requested to bring a new unwrapped toy. Additional gifts are welcome and always encouraged.

We ask that gifts be for children 4-18 years of age and be valued AT LEAST $50 per person -- either for a girl or a boy. When considering what to purchase, gifts for older children are always in short supply, because of how difficult they are to choose, especially girls. Keep in mind that the toys/gifts you bring may be the only present some of these kids get for the holiday season. While there are many great gift ideas, bicycles for a boy or a girl are always a good choice and a bike is a gift a child will always remember. Please, no low cost or used items. Gift cards to stores or general cards such as Visa, MasterCard, or AmEx are acceptable.

Please, give something you would be proud to personally hand to a child in your own family. Again, consider the quality and expense of the event and bring toys/gifts that at least meet the value you are receiving.

Gifts are distributed through various Central Florida charities. Generally, 4,000+ children are provided gifts as a result of this worthy cause and your generosity. If your schedule prevents you from shopping, gift cards with a $50 minimum per guest are acceptable as a last resort. Also, please remember who you are buying for. If the toy requires additional parts, such as batteries, please include them by taping them to the toy. Gifts which require someone to spend additional money, especially on an ongoing basis, should be avoided. Again, think of it as if you were a kid receiving the toy or if you are giving it to your own child or relative.