Frequently Asked Questions

The Orlando Margarita Society was organized in 1983 as a non-profit organization to help needy children within our community. The original twenty-five Directors desired to create a process for friends to celebrate a special season, and yet, allow all to contribute towards a better Christmas for the underprivileged children of Central Florida.

The Orlando Margarita Society Ball format was developed as a means to achieve this goal. From its humble start of having just a few hundred guests, and a menu of potato chips and dip, the Orlando Margarita Ball has blossomed into the most successful event of its kind in the Southeast. With the thoughtful generosity of invited guests, the Orlando Margarita Society has furnished over one hundred thousand gifts to the needy children in Central Florida.

The Orlando Margarita Ball is a Black Tie Optional event.

Gentlemen - Wearing a tuxedo is the preferred choice; although, a dark suit and tie is acceptable. Open collar shirts (i.e., no tie) or "Texas Tuxedo" (tuxedo top and jeans), and or denim will NOT be admitted. All pants must be dress slacks. The majority of men do wear tuxedos. Formal military dress is encouraged for active military personnel. The dress code is strictly enforced. Gentleman, No Tie... No Ball.

Ladies - Dresses can be long or short. Sequins are definitely appropriate. This is one of those rare times where you cannot be overdressed, but being underdressed is not appropriate. For attire reference, please look at pictures of previous balls.

  • Your invitation to present at the door for admission
  • One unwrapped gift of a value of at LEAST $50 or more per guest
  • Cash or credit cards to purchase drinks at the cash bar

Ball hours are from 8:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. However, typically most guests arrive early for a variety of reason. This is one of the few events that fashionably late is not advised.

No. The Orlando Margarita Ball is an invitation-only event. There are a limited amount of Invitations which are divided among the Directors of the Orlando Margarita Society. The directors then give these invitations to their guests. They are provided free of charge, and may only be obtained through an Orlando Margarita Society Director. In the event someone attempts to sell you an invitation, please contact us immediately.

Each invitation is good for 2 people and the actual invitation must be presented at the door for admission. If there are 3 of you, you will need an additional invitation.

Please contact the Director or person who provided you with the invitation and return it to them so they can give it to someone else. Every year, each director has a number of people who want inivations that he can't accommodate due to not having enough. Any unused invitation represents lost toys for underprivileged children in our area. So please, if you can't go, let the director who you received the invitation from know as soon as possible.

We strongly suggest that you arrive before, or at least as close as possible to the start of the event. There is always heavy traffic and parking backups.

The best idea is to stay at the hotel so you don't have to drive home at the end of the evening or worry about parking. Just get ready, relax and walk down to the ballroom at 8:00 p.m.

If you have decided not to stay at the hotel the night, Valet parking fills to capacity early due to the size of the event, as well as closer onsite self-parking.

Because of the date we hold the Ball on, often other largely attended local events coincide the Ball. Traffic WILL be a factor, especially you leave at the wrong time. Keep in mind that over 3,000 people attend the Ball each year. So again, plan to get there early.

For the Rosen Center, it is much better on the way to self-parking and drop off guests and toys off at the REAR DOORS. It's much closer to the ballroom where you are taking the toys than Valet. Plus, when dropping off the toys at Valet you will have to "double back", walking the length of the hotel twice.

The REAR DOORS are closest to the Ballroom and are much closer to self-parking. Plus, going to the rear doors will have no wait, less traffic, and will help in not adding additional traffic to the already crowded valet parking area, besides cause yourself a very long walk.

No. While margaritas are our signature drink, the cash bar will also offer mixed drinks, wine and beer.

Toys that are collected at the Ball that night are sorted and distributed the next morning to various Central Florida children's charities. Every charity applies each year with their "wish list" and we do our best to get them what they need. The OMS focuses our distribution on institutions and groups that are skipped over by some of the better known charities -- that also give toys to kids at the holidays.

Below is a list of local charities that have received toys from the OMS in the past years. If you are a charity and interested in receiving toys, please contact us to apply.

4C (Early Head Start and CCP Early Head Start)
Bahia Shriners
BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation
Bay's Childcare Center
BSA Troop 9
Cherokee School
Children's Home Society of Florida
Christ Dominion Church
Church of God Cathedral of Hope
Columbia Elementary School
Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida
Devereux Family Support & Visitation Center
East Orange Head Start
Edgewater High School
Empowered To Win Christian Center
Engelwood Head Start
Evans Head Start
Fig Tree Foundation
Friends of Children and Families
Gateway School
Grand Avenue Elementary
Great Oaks Village
Greater Glory Life Center
Guilgal SDA Church
Hal Marston Head Start
Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families
Iglesia De Dios Camino Verdad y Vida Inc.
Iglesia Hispana CVV
Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership
John Bridges Head Start
Journey Of Faith
Kids Beating Cancer
Lawrence E. White Family Foundation
Lila Mitchell
Little Creation Daycare
Magnolia School
Maxey Head Start
Mending Hearts Charities Inc
Orange County Family Preservation & Stabilization Program
Orange Seminole Foster Children's Association
Orlando Center Pointe Gift of Hope
Osceola Council on Aging
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc
Pine Hills Elementary School
Pine Hills Head Start
Seminole County Victims' Rights Coalition
South Orlando YMCA Head Start
Southwood Head Start
The Dwelling Place Church, Inc.
The Place of Comfort
The Transition House, Inc
Total Restoration Transformation Center
Voices for Osceola's Children
Washington Shores at the HOPE
Washington Shores Elementary
Wraparound Orange

Yes. A photographer will be on-site taking photographs. Pictures may be available the same evening and/or you will be able to order online. Visit our website after the Ball for the link.

YES!! (Book your room now)

Hotel rooms will be available to Margarita Ball guests at a discounted rate. We HIGHLY recommend you stay at the hotel for multiple reasons:

  • You don't have to worry about getting a designated driver for that evening in the event that you need one.
  • You don't have to contend with the wait (coming and going) at valet parking (overnight self-parking is free).
  • Since food is limited at the Ball, you can enjoy a nice meal in the many restaurants or order room service before the Ball if you choose. (In addition, the hotel is running dinner and breakfast specials for Ball guests.)
  • You avoid the drive to and from the event which is always difficult because of coinciding events.

Use the "Hotel" tab from the top menu to make reservations and be certain to use the provided discount codes for the preferred Orlando Margarita Ball rate. Please keep in mind the large number of people who will be checking in at the hotel and be sure to arrive early. When you book your reservation, find out the check-in time of the hotel. It would be wise to arrive as early as you can to relax and prep for the party.

No. While there will be limited, light hors d'oeuvres passed around at the beginning of the night, they are not intended to be dinner. The Directors always try to ensure an ample supply of quality hors d'oeuvres, but unfortunately, it is not an endless supply and they run out quickly. We ask our guests to please eat before coming to the Ball.

The hotel restaurants will have special dinner packages and discounts for those attending the ball.

No. While there will be tables and seating available, those tables are limited and go quickly. If you need seating and a table, come early to ensure you get one. They are "first-come, first-served."

Yes. Officers are on hand inside to ensure that everyone has a safe time. There is a "zero tolerance" policy on disruptive or belligerent behavior.

BOTH. One of the highlights of the Ball is great entertainment. The Orlando Margarita Ball has regularly had the best live cover bands in the country. Between breaks (and after the band), a live DJ continues the non-stop energy. Be prepared to dance the night away.

This is a non-smoking event. However, the hotel does allow smoking outside the hotel in designated areas.

Absolutely. The best way is to contact the Director who offered you the invitation to discuss the easiest way for you to donate. While there are many options, the easiest is to give it to him, or other guests you know are going, to take to the Ball for you. Please do not drop them off at the hotel. Often, those toys never make it into the ballroom.

Yes, the Orlando Margarita Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the internal revenue code.

No. The Orlando Margarita Society is completely independent of any other margarita ball you may come across somewhere else. The Orlando Margarita Society was founded in 1983, well before most of the other margarita balls started. While imitation is a form of flattery, who our ball benefits and how we do it is unique to us.

For any other additional information, including invitation requests (if availabile), please contact us.