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The ball is intended to generate toys and quality gifts for underprivileged children around Central Florida. Each couple is requested to bring two new unwrapped toys – at least one for a girl and one for a boy. Additional gifts are welcome and always encouraged. The best received gifts are toys that can be shared – popular electronics, athletic equipment, games, science kits, dolls, and toys that might mean something special to someone special. We recommend gifts be valued at $50 or more for children 4-18 years of age. For older kids Gift Cards to stores or general cards such Visa, MasterCard, AmEx are acceptable. Keep in mind that the toys/gifts you bring may be the only present some of these kids get for Holiday Season. Please no cheap, used or re-gifted items. Give something you would be proud to personally hand to a child in your own family. Please consider the quality and expense of the event and bring toys/gifts that at least meet the value you are receiving.

The gifts are distributed through various Central Florida charities. Generally 4,000+ children are provided gifts as a result of this worthy cause and your generosity. If your schedule prevents you from going toy shopping, you can buy gift card(s) of at least $35 (per guest). In addition, if the toy requires additional parts such as batteries, please include them with the toy by taping them to the toy. Gifts which require parents to spend additional money, especially on an ongoing basis should be avoided. Examples of inappropriate gifts brought by guest before include: new or used CD’s and DVD’s, game systems (with and without games), game disk & modules, Christmas snow globe, stuffed animals (allergies) , dollar store trinkets and clothing. Board games are ok, but not really recommended. If you have kids, ask them what they would want.


To better assist our guest in the selection of gifts for the kids, we are disclosing our 2015 gift requirements, that are now a bit more, but similar for 2017. For 2017 we are expecting the need to be incrementally greater.  Therefore, if you feel it in your heart and are capable, please consider additional gifts above the minimum.


What is a "Two Gift Hero" ? A Two Gift Hero" is anyone that exceeds the minimum gift requirements. For example instead of 1 gift for a boy & girl each valued at $50 and above, they bring 2 gifts for a boy and 2 for a girl valued at $50 or more each. Many of us have been been blessed to do more, therefore we do.



Age Range


Projected Need

Gift Recommendations

Boys 1-3


 Tricycle, Large Building Blocks, Learning Toys, ???

Boys 4-6


 Bike with training wheels, Building Blocks, Action Figure Sets, ???

Girls 1-3


 Tricycle, Learning Toys,???

Girls 4-6


 Doll,Doll House, Bicycle with training wheels,???

Boys 7-12


 Bike, Skateboard, Basketball, ???

Girls 7-12


 Bike, MP3 Player,

Boys 13-15


Gift Cards, ???

Girls 13-15


Gift Cards, ???

Boys 16-17


Gift Cards, ???

Girls 16-17


Gift Cards, ???


We are also open to suggestions to add to the above list. Therefore, if you have gift ideas email ideas to We will post them in our gifts blog.



The Orlando Margarita Society does not endorse any store, manufacturer, vendor, or commercial interest.