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HomeMessage From Directors

A message to Margarita Ball guests from the directors of the Orlando Margarita Society.

The Orlando Margarita Society (OMS) prides itself as one of the few organizations where 100% of your donations (in the form of gifts and gift cards) go directly to the charitable recipients, with no administrative fees or salaries of any kind.  The OMS directors, that you see wearing identical scarfs at the Ball, donate their time and money to facilitate this.
Additionally, the OMS also follows your gifts from the time you bring them through the door at the Ball, to the delivery of your toys to the child.  We are proud to say that we are one of the very few organizations that can also provide accountability along with a 100% donation percentage.
While we ask only that the unwrapped gift you bring to be worth at least $50 for each person that attends, similar charity functions of the same caliber charge between $125- $500 per person for their event. When choosing a gift to bring, please keep in mind the caliber of our Ball, what other organizations ask you to donate for the same type of event, and the assurance that your gift is going directly to who it is intended for.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for helping an underprivileged child have a happier holiday season.